Third Culture Kid

What we’re all about

Attended international schools? Completed the IB? Spent many years living abroad? Experienced an international upbringing? Have multiple places that you consider ‘home’? Chances are you’re a TCK. A society for those who identify as Third Culture Kids and anyone interested in spending time in an international environment. A community where confusing mixes of cultures are celebrated not categorised and in which the concept of not identifying with just a single culture is accepted and understood.


All socials will be announced on our Facebook page so make sure you join it! Some of the socials we have planned for this year include:

  • Freshers meet and greet
  • International day (with an international food market)
  • Weekend Brunches
  • Leeds Christmas Market
  • Summer BBQ
  • Movie night: Film screening of a documentary on TCK’s
  • Part Game Night: Games from around the world


Membership is only £5. We are committed to providing our members with the best deals to all events we host.

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