For the Highs and Lows

Know Your Stuff

Out tonight or recovering from a big night?

We get that sometimes it's time to celebrate. And we know that some of you choose to use alcohol and other drugs to unwind - and for lots of other reasons too.

Of course the best way to avoid harm from drugs and alcohol is not to take them at all. But if you're going to, make sure you are as informed as possible.

Here are some websites we like that have some great info on drugs, alcohol and their effects: 


Here For You

We’re always here if you need to talk about your drug and alcohol use. You’ll never get into trouble for anything you say to our confidential and non-judgemental LUU Advice team.

Get in touch by email, phone 0113 3801 420 or drop into the Union Foyer and speak to our Help and Support team directly.