What we’re all about

Originating from the legendary dance floors of Harlem, swing music is known for its strong, syncopated rhythm and jazzy feel. Best known for the Lindy Hop and the Charleston, you'll also learn Balboa, Blues and Shag. All swing styles are fun, inventive and a treat for dancers of all experiences.


Alternative Class: Thursdays, 6pm-7pm
Beginner Lindy Hop: Thursdays, 
Beginner Plus Lindy Hop: Thursdays, 
Social Dancing: 9pm-9:30pm

After that, head to the pub with us to unwind.


We regularly head to local gigs, hold a weekly dance every Sunday and go for drinks after class.


Membership is £35 for the year, £18 for the term and £3 a session. Membership entitles you to every class, discounts at National events, and you'll also receive a Revolution Society Card for our Sunday socials.


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