What we’re all about

Think Leeds, think Surf! Despite our inland location, Leeds University Surf Society is one of the biggest of its kind in the UK. We run regular trips to local breaks on the North East Coast (Scarborough area), weekend trips to Devon and Cornwall, and international trips to Europe and Africa


Whether you're Kelly Slater or have never ridden a wave before, its all good. We cater for every ability!


Whether its pumping or dribbling, rain or shine, we surf as much as we can.


Regular socials attracting a large super friendly crowd, everyone is welcome. Find us at Fresher's Fairs and keep up to date through our Facebook Page (Link provided in contact details).


A small membership fee enables you to use the Club's equipment e.g. Our soft top boards. Membership will also enable you to purchase tickets to our unreal trips.


Our social channels

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