Impact: A Valued Member of LUU

All our students are members of the Union and we want them to make the most of our services and have a strong, valuable relationship with us. By 2022, every one of our student members will know they are part of LUU and they will feel we provide them with the services and support they need to love their time at Leeds.


  • Percentage of our members who actively engage digitally: 28%
  • According to our Student Satisfaction Survey, 42% of students state they are very satisfied with our Union outlets and 47% state they are satisfied (Based on 176 responses, Aug 19 survey).
  • 1,269,086 transactions have taken place across LUU services
  • 2,960 students and members of the public visit LUU on a daily average

Student Stories

This term our new cafe Common Ground has been hosting various non-alcoholic events such as pottery painting and quizzes. These recurring events have given attendees the opportunity to unwind with a relaxing activity for little to no cost, as well as leave with a new group of friends.