Our Strategy 2018-2022

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Our Big Idea

Making Sure Students Love their time at Leeds

Our vision is inclusive, ambitious and passionately positive. Just like us. It’s successfully been our vision since 2010 and it’s not going anywhere. It’s at the heart of everything we do as LUU. And our four-year strategy will help us to get there.


Our Plan

Our four-year strategy works to support our members in every bit of their student life. Every volunteer and person who works at LUU will help to get this plan off the ground.

We've got over 35,000 students from 122 different countries across the globe and a postgraduate population that is bigger than ever; below are just some of the amazing things they get up to in their time here. 

Our Impacts

Our strategic plan recognises that everything we do in LUU is working towards our three impacts; it’s how we talk about what we do, how we measure our successes and why we exist.

Our Research

Straight from Students

How do we know how to support our members? Because they told us. As a completely student-led organisation, our four-year strategy has been shaped entirely by our members. A big thanks to everyone who took the time to fill us in. You can find out about what they said in more detail below.

Our Reports

Our Achievements

Key Partnerships to enhance Impact

Last year we saw our Union supermarket Essentials becoming a Co-op franchise to ensure we are providing better value for our members both in shopping experience and product range. In response to the growing digital sector in Leeds, we’ve also created a micro-agency with local marketing agency Epiphany, and partnered with Student Minds to bolster the support we give to our members and their wellbeing.

To round it off, our existing partnerships with Unipol, Santander, Leeds City Council and Endsleigh will only grow and develop.

Co-op update

In February 2019 we opened a brand new Co-op store in the LUU building, the first of its kind in the UK. Since then we have been working closely with the Co-op on product selection, sustainability (including a free water tap in the store which has saved over 10,000 plastic bottles so far), and on ensuring our student staff members gain high-street standard skills and experience. We even hosted one of their national Join-In Live events, bringing our local community even closer to LUU.

Epiphany update

Our partnership with Epiphany is now well into its second year. Our jointly developed micro-agency Digi has two full-time associates who are in the process of recruiting and training a team of 70 volunteers. These volunteers are learning valuable digital skills as well as building up practical experience to take into the next step of their chosen pathway.

Student Minds update

Student Minds are a national charity at the forefront of work to improve student mental health provision. A major area of work for them throughout the last year has been developing a ‘Student Mental Health Charter’, and not only has LUU partnered with them and the University of Leeds to contribute to the charter, we were also the host for their launch event on the 9th of December 2019.

A Big Thanks to You

We’re already so proud of where our new strategic plan has taken us.

LUU wouldn’t be LUU without our student members, staff, volunteers, trustees, committee members and partners in the city. Our strong partnership with our colleagues at the University of Leeds also means we’re making great strides with our strategic impacts. We hope everyone knows how thankful we are for your support in making everything we do possible.

Together, we make sure students love their time at Leeds.