Stage Musicals Society

What we’re all about

LUU Stage Musicals Society (SMS) organise, direct, choreograph and perform spectacular shows from Broadway and the West End every semester. The society is over 70 years old and still puts on shows chosen by and completely staged by their members. As a member of SMS, you will enjoy being a part of a wholly inclusive, welcoming and fun society full of other outgoing people who share your love of performing.


A usual rehearsal week involves a Friday evening singing rehearsal followed by a trip to Fruity followed by dance rehearsal on Sunday afternoons.


Alongside our many socials after our shows, we have an annual SMS holiday to Brittany and are the only society to attend every single Fruity.


Membership is £5 for the year and £15 for show fees (twice yearly) and show hoodies are priced at £20. Included in your membership is reduced entry to club nights, free dance tuition, free acting and vocal classes.

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