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Leeds Snowriders are open to all skiers and snowboarders with a love for the slopes. We organise two snowsports holidays a year - including taking over 1000 members to the Alps - as well as socials and chaotic trips to Edinburgh and Amsterdam. We also successfully compete in national and international competitions, hold the biggest socials in Leeds and shred twice a week at a local fridge. We have a huge list of sponsors too with discounts and other benefits available for members.


Membership is £20 and the ONLY PREREQUISITE OF ATTENDING TRIPS, it allows you to access the low-price holidays we offer, gain entry to socials and access to our growing list of sponsors!! You must purchase membership to come to Val Thorens at Easter and any other trips regardless of involvement in the club the rest of the year!!!


PAS DE LE CASA  //13-20th December 

 This one is gonna be HUGE. We are returning to one of Snowriders favourite holiday destinations for a week of shredding pow, insane Apres and wild nights out in one of Europes cheapest resorts!!

We leave on the last Friday of term and touch back on Leeds soil just before Christmas!! This is now completely sold out so congratulations to everyone that smashed it and got a place! This will be a week to remember for sure!!

VAL THORENNNSSSS! 27th March-3th April!!! 

We leave the evening of the 27th (Last day of term before easter break) arriving in the motherland on Saturday evening.


You know the drill, this year we’re taking approximately 1200 people to the Alps!
For our second trip, we'll be going back to the spiritual home of Snowriders in Val Thorens during the Easter break. These trips have been sell outs for the last 7 years, and with what we’ve got planned, this year will not be any different.

Our holidays always include return coach travel, accommodation and a local area lift pass as well as a few little trip goodies! On the holidays we also run events all week long that you are more than welcome to participate in if that’s your thing. We have racing and freestyle introduction lessons which went down a storm last year, as well as a super fun relaxed race event on each holiday too. We always have a tailored social schedule to ensure we have the best time whilst in resort, with a variety of different bars and clubs with everyone’s tastes catered for, if everyone’s tastes are French nightclubs filled with Leeds Uni students – which they are. 


We are always looking for ways that everyone can get involved with our society, and this has to be the easiest way! We throw pretty good socials, and they have been known to be the best in Leeds. So, how do we get to make the biggest and craziest socials ever? We have been known to put lots of money behind the bar, this year we will be giving out drinks tokens to ensure everyone gets their fair share of the drinks! We also have loads of activities planned at the socials so that everyone can get to know each other, because sometimes the race and freestyle teams don’t overlap enough. You don’t have to be a big drinker to attend our socials either, they are just as much fun for sober people too! Everyone is welcome!

Our first social is on the last day of fresher’s week, Friday the 27th of September, at the Packhorse pub from 4pm onwards. We’ll have a load of free stuff to give away, including a FREE PLACE ON THE CHRISTMAS TRIP!!!. Don't miss out on this one, it's gonna be BIG!!!

We have a social event every month throughout term courtesy of our social queen Bella, with different themes, venues and opportunities to get your hands on free stuff at each. So keep your eyes peeled for what’s coming up.

Riding during the term

Every Thursday during term time we run trips to our local snowdome in Castleford for freestyle sessions. We discount the price of the trip down to £20 for our members; getting you 2 hours of shred time, as well as equipment hire and return travel from Uni. We all hang around and have a drink afterwards too, where the Captain usually gives out a prize to whoever impressed him the most that night! Whether you're an absolute beginner or a seasoned pro - EVERYONE IS WELCOME!!

Every Tuesday we run our race training sessions, either at Rossendale or at Cas, for a few hours of light-hearted racing. It’s a lot of fun and very addictive, and there is also instruction from experienced racers, as well as transport and equipment rental included. Again, it doesn't matter whether you're a newbie or a pro - we want everyone to come along and get involved!

Both of these trips sell out every week so if it’s something you’re interested in, come see us Monday to Thursday in the Student's Union, 12:30-1:30 to sign up or ask us any questions at all! We look forward to seeing you! 


We go to lots of competitions throughout the year and the level of involvement is entirely up to you! We enter as many race teams as we get with a wide range of abilities and we enter a snowboard race team – We also enter individuals for freestyle too. If you want to try out for our freestyle and racing competitions come down to one of our weekly sessions and speak to our Race and Freestyle captains Emer and Jack for more information.

We have a busy competition schedule this year, taking us all over the UK! Most of the smaller competitions are local, but we’ll be heading up to BUDS in Edinburgh in November for a messy weekend with loads of other UK universities, so don’t miss out!! Being part of our competitions team is a great way to meet new people and represent the university on a very casual basis. Even if you don’t feel up to competing just yet, we love taking along spectators to cheer on our competitors and soak up the hillside atmosphere.

Media and Merchandise 

Come see us at the freshers fair and sign up to membership to get your free freshers T and ask about the brand new merch we have for this year, it’s pretty sick!

We've got big plans for Media and Merchandise this year - So keep an eye on our Facebook page for regular edits, and look out for the cameras at all of our events. As well as this, we'll be releasing loads of sick new club merch for you guys throughout the year, so keep a look out! In addition to all our deals with our amazing sponsors to get you kitted out.

Throughout the year we will be running competitions involving either photography or video editing, with the chance to win prizes from our sponsors or a holiday…. We’re always looking for people to take pictures at our events as well, so if you fancy getting involved, chat to our Media and Merchandise Secretaries Joe and Alex to get the details!

Contacting us 

If you have any questions in the meantime or during term you can reach us in the following ways;

Hope to see you all at an event soon!

Leeds Snowriders Committee 19/20.

Tom, Barney, Bella, Emer, Jack, Alex, Amy, Joe and Ewan!


And OHHHH we love our SPONSORS!!!!

Sponsors:The club would not be what it is without its amazing sponsors and partnerships, so if your looking for some new stash, skis or a few cool businesses check these guys out! We have more to come to entice you over this year but to get started I’d like to introduce our new 2019/2020 sponsors!!! Members of Snowriders will receive discount codes for all the following through our freshers packs and weekly snowstorm emails every Sunday!!

Jimmy’s Iced Coffee:

The amazing team over at Jimmy’s iced coffee are going to be fueling our teams this year with top quality coffee to get us rearing to go in the mornings and ready to outshred all the competition! Find us at the freshers fair to get yourself an iced cold sample! They are also offering us a discount for all our members to buy their products online, both coffee cartons and merch!

Visit https://www.jimmysicedcoffee.comto check them out now!

 AfterJam Skiwear  

The AfterJam brand is the birth-child of two individuals who share a common passion for snow sports. Having met a few years ago in Val Thorens, France they have been on some very silly adventures. Something AfterJam and Leeds Snowriders have in common check them out at

Planks Clothing

Drop cliffs not bombs. These guys have one aim: ski as much as possible. They’ve teamed up with the best skiers in the world to provide exciting products to keep us all shredding. Check them out at


UK- based clothing brand set up by two Snow riding brothers- check out their awesome clothes on their website

Absolute Snow 

We're excited to announce that the big outdoor clothing retailer -Absolute Snow has decided to sponsor Snowriders this year and give members an exclusive discount.  check out their website at

Panda Optics

Polarised goggles designed in the UK. Panda Optics combines advanced technology to enhance vision, comfort and safety through polarised lenses.

Check out the brand at

 Freeze Pro Shop: Faction Skis

This incredible ski manufacturer will be our ski sponsor for this year- check out their amazing edits and website at

The number one stop for all your snow riding gear and needs! This awesome UK outdoor equipment shop can be found at

 Melon Optics:

For the sneeziest and highest quality goggles and sunglasses, with fully customisable options, visit and check them out!


For the lastest Surfanic gear at incredible discount offers for members! Visit


From the mountains to the beach Bleubird offer top quality clothing to suit everyone!

Visit https://bleubirdapparel.comto check out whats on offer!

Ski Bartlett & Sputnik Snowboard

For all your ski and snowboarding desires, ski Bartlett and Sputnik snowboarding has you covered! Visit their stores now and grab the latest gear for your next snow sports adventure!  & 



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