Recognise Award

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Society Committee Members, Reps, Execs and Liberation Coordinators - whatever kind of volunteer you are, it’s time to recognise your experience and take you to the next step.

Through the Recognise Award you can discover the skills you already have and help employers to recognise them too. 

Recognition in Four Steps

Follow the four steps to getting recognised. Not only will you be awarded at the end of the programme, you'll also develop employability skills along the way. Nice. 


Please include at least two workshops
This can be an image file, PDF or document file.
This can be in the form of a written statement or web link
This is so that we can offer you suitable development

Why Should I Get Recognised?

Recognising your hard work and skills can take a lot of effort. We get that. So with the Recognise Award, not only will you understand and develop your skills, we've also thrown in the following:


  • A development session with an expert in an area that interests you to see what is next for you. 
  • A practice interview or assessment centre.
  • A certificate and LinkedIn badge to show off your award.
  • A celebration event. Because hard work should always be rewarded with a party.