What we’re all about

Whether you've never stepped on a skateboard or can already switch tre flip 50-50 on a handrail, we're a society who indulges in the spirit of skateboarding. Which is having fun!

We meet up once a week to skate at either The Works Skatepark or just down the road from the university at Hyde Park.

We understand that going to a skate park for the first time can sometimes be an intimidating experience, especially if you haven't skated before, and this what we want to overcome at Skate Society. We wanted to create a opened armed society that welcomes and unites all skaters, whatever skill level they're at, in a friendly enviroment for people to progress as skateboarders .

We also have a good connection with Welcome, the local skate shop in Leeds, so you can expect discounts and coupons for your purchases. Perfect for buying your first board.  


Membership is free.

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