What we’re all about

The Saudi Society is open for all Saudi Students who live in Leeds and the surrounding areas. One of our main aims at the Saudi Students Society is to provide a friendly forum for new coming and current students to discuss their common concerns and interests, and to offer mutual support to live in and love Leeds. In addition, we participate in Leeds University Union activities to enhance cross-cultural understanding within and out the University campus.



President: Amal Basheikh

Vice-president: Khadejah Alamri

Scientific Activities: Mshari Alghadier 

Manager:  Suliman Alomran  

Treasurer and Social Activities: Abdulrahman Alnahadi  

Cultural Activities: Nada Alsheeri 


With the support of our members, we organise weekly, monthly, and annual social, cultural,scientifc, and sporting activities.



The Saudi Society's vision is to share our identity and culture with other communities in Leeds and proudly represent Saudi Arabia. 



Our social channels