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Applications to join the 2020/21 Liberation Coordinator team will be open from Monday 20 March until Sunday 10 May - get in touch with if you have any questions. Good luck.

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Say 'Hi!' to your Liberation Coordinator Team for 2019/20. 

​The LibCos are a team of students appointed to take a lead on liberation issues within LUU, at the University and within the City of Leeds. The roles exist because students at a Better Union Forum in 2013 told us that they wanted marginalised groups to have a voice and a position within LUU’s structures, and for liberation issues to be embedded in all we do. Between the team, they represent students who identify into one or more of the liberation groups: BAME, Disabled, LGBTQ+ and Women.


Look out for them and their work over the course of the year - they play a big role in LUU's celebration of History Months (Black History Month in October, Disability History in November, LGBTQ in February and International Women's Day on March 8th) and run campaigns of their own as well.


If you want to work with them on a project, or get them involved in something your society is running or that you're campaigning on in your School then please get in touch.


They're supported by Chloe the Equality & Diversity Officer, as well as the full-time Staff in LUU's Political Engagement Team.


What have your LibCos been up to?


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Your Liberation Coordinators 19/20

Ana-Sofia Velasco

Liberation Coordinator

Hannah Copsey

Liberation Coordinator

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Kate Wilson

Liberation Coordinator

Laila Fletcher

Liberation Coordinator

Leo Adams

Liberation Coordinator

Maria Stankiewicz

Liberation Coordinator

Safyan Rahman

Liberation Coordinator

Yas Khanagha

Liberation Coordinator