Activities Exec

The Activities Executive are 13 elected students who represent members of LUU societies to the University and LUU. Being a member of the Activities Exec is an exciting way to impact the way LUU is run, as well as a great way to meet creative people and hold amazing events.
Each member of the Activities Exec represents a category of LUU societies - from Performance & Music to Welfare, they have you covered. They make key decisions about new society formations, allocate funding, chair 5 Society Executive Category Meetings to gather feedback on proposed policies, and represent the voices and needs of members in their category at the Better Forums 

Your Activities Exec 19/20

Amy Carman

Volunteering Rep

Emily Dean

Political and Campaigning Rep

Gregory Reynolds

Academic Rep

James Nicholson

Outdoors Rep

Jess Baker

Welfare Rep

Lucy Murphy

Performance and Music Rep

Matthew Chivers

Martial Arts Rep

Michéle Fawwaz

Sports Rep

Monique Dingelstad

Faith Rep

Patrick Duddy

General Interest Rep

Sarah Hayter

Dance Rep

Seb Cheer

Media Rep

Srika Nambiar

Cultural Rep