Postgraduate Policies

We currently have three active policies which effect PGRs and their experiences.

These have been proposed by a PGR, debated by elected reps and officers, and voted on by a representative panel of ordinary students. LUU are committed to working towards these changes for a minimum of three years.


The policies are: 

Should PhD students be allowed to park at the University? (March 2017)

Should the union support postgraduate teaching assistants to receive fair pay for the work they do? (March 2017)

Should LUU work with the University to create individual study spaces for postgraduate researchers? (November 2016)

Find out more

If you’d like some more information about the work that we’re doing towards these policies, or you’d like to contribute in any way (in absolute confidence where appropriate) then please get in touch with our Student Engagement Coordinator - Simon Sandison.