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Introducing Ourselves!




We are Open Theatre, the experimental performance society at Leeds University! Here at Open Theatre we love new writing and alternative types of theatre, in other words; all theatre weird and wonderful! We are a fun and approachable society that produces professional sell out work!




At open theatre we love to experiment with new ideas and we are not afraid to go beyond the boundaries. Whether it be a piece of new-writing or physical theatre, a published play with a twist, we want to hear your ideas! 




What do we do?




We produce 4 shows per semester, 8 shows a year, giving students the chance to direct, produce, design, act in and write plays! 








This Years Goals:




This year we are really going to focus on inclusivity! This is an experimental theatre society and we really want to reflect the world around us. This is why we endeavour to make our shows more accessible with a range of online, virtual performances (coming soon) and at least one captioned performance to make our shows more accessible to the deaf community! Do you have more ideas of how we can be more inclusive? Email Leah at,! 




COMING SOON: Open Theatre forum! A place to connect with creatives and theatre lovers, stay tuned for details!




We focus on new writing and Edinburgh Fringe. We are starting a new scheme for new writing, where participants will have the opportunity to work on their scripts, ideas and character work with actors. This scheme goes hand in hand with Open Theatre's journey to Fringe 2021, where we will be taking two shows! 90's Kids Only, which should have gone up in 2020, will be heading along with one other play, which hasn't been decided yet!!! Look out for proposals and auditions!




Acting with OT:




We have regular auditions for parts in our shows each semester. Keep an eye out for our facebook page to get involved further. 




 Production Team Roles with OT:




Get involved with our shadowing scheme. It's a great platform to see how a producer or director works and whether it may be something that interests you. After taking part in the shadowing scheme there is the opportunity to assistant produce or assistant direct the following semester. If you would like to hear more, please email Luke Haywood on: 




Commencing next year we will be hosting directing and producing workshops. Designed to make you feel ready to commit to a role! For more information email Leah at or head to our Facebook page for more details!




New Writing:




In 2020 we began our New Writing Workshops! These were a great success and we will be continuing these when we begin term next year, keep your eye on here and also on our Facebook page for details!PROPOSE A SHOW WITH OT!




Proposals are now open for September 2020  and will close on the 20th June 2020! Keep an eye on our Facebook page for our script reading service: designed for new writers who want their scripts read aloud by actors. This is a great way to develop your writing and see how it comes across read aloud and is designed to help you before proposals end. Message us for further details regarding the Corona Virus, but please don't worry: with social distancing or not, we will be bringing you the OT content you love!








Committee Members




President: Leah Hand




Vice President: Luke Haywood




Secretary: Natalia Karampetsou




Treasurer: Grace Revill




Publicity: Bethan Corner




Social Secs: Amelia Lloyd and Thomas Davy




Open Seat: Joe Woodley




Social Media




Instagram: opentheatresoc








Absolutely not! Open Theatre is about experimenting with new types of performance and exploring what theatre you love. We encourage everyone to have a go, regardless of experience or background!

Nope! We have plenty of opportunities for members that don't want to be on stage, including trips to the theatre, workshops with industry professionals, and a variety of socials around the city.












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