Your Welfare Officer's Response to Homophobic Comments

Your Welfare Officer's Response to Homophobic Comments

Student Exec

"It is with disappointment that I have recently been made aware of a pattern of homophobic graffiti in LUU toilets. We are firmly against homophobia in all its forms and will always take appropriate actions ensure LUU is a safe and welcoming space for all in the LGBTQ+ community.

As someone who has experienced the impact of homophobic comments & behaviour I would really encourage any students who have been affected by this (or any other homophobic incidents) to report it to LUU & the University. No incident is too small or insignificant, we will always take you seriously and we’re here to support your welfare."

Chloë Sparks, Welfare Officer 17/18

Through our Draw the Line campaign, you can now quickly and anonymously report any hate crime, sexual assault or online harassment here.

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