Your Student Exec support a People’s Vote

Your Student Exec support a People’s Vote

Chris Morris, Union Affairs Officer at Leeds University Union said: 

"Last week we held a campus-wide vote on “Should LUU support a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal”. Over 1100 students took part, of which nearly 80% voted to support the motion.

Throughout both the Better Union forum and the referendum, a majority of students have shown support for LUU to promote activity which continues to allow well measured and open debate on the issues around Brexit, including a People’s Vote.

With Brexit on the horizon and the campaigns for a vote building momentum, it is important we recognise that a lot of students wanted this to pass.

As your Union Affairs Officer, I wanted to outline what we will do next.

There is so much uncertainty surrounding the future of Brexit, especially with the vote in Parliament on the deal postponed and no consensus on what should be done next. It is important we continue to make sure students are able to have their say when it comes to their future.

As a Student Exec, we supported a People’s Vote before and continue to do so. Through our work, LUU will continue engaging with local MPs, running Q&As to let you know what’s happening and coordinating with the national People’s Vote campaign.

If you want to get involved or have any questions, email Chris at In the meantime, for everyone in favour of a People’s Vote, don’t forget to write to your MP ( You can also sign the petition and together, we can make sure our voices are heard!"