Your new spaces at Leeds University Union

Your new spaces at Leeds University Union

Union Upgrade

LUU is proud to announce lots of new spaces for students this year, as well as a refreshed old favourite.

Our year-long Union Upgrade is coming to a close and old spaces have been spruced up and new spaces are in place and ready for you to use in time for this academic year.

Jack Palmer Union Affairs Officer said:

“It’s so exciting to see the Union Upgrade finally coming together. We’ve got loads of new spaces which are more multi-purpose, accessible and colourful than ever before. Everything's been designed with the ever-changing needs of our student body in mind, so please come in and try them all out.

The Union Upgrade hasn’t always been easy for getting around the building so I just want to thank you all for your patience and understanding.”

Here’s a breakdown of all the improvements we’ve made over the year:

Union Square is LUU’s new marketplace for food and society stalls, including recently opened Wok & Go, Bayfields Opticians and Humpit.

Next to Union Square is Common Ground, a completely new café with study and gaming area, serving up a huge selection of homemade sandwiches, soups and stews along with your caffeine fix.

Another new addition is the Pyramid Theatre, one of only nine operational ‘Theatre in the round’ in the UK, and a great space for society and external productions.

LUU Advice is now located in the foyer, helping students to get the help they need at the front of the building, and firm favourite Terrace has been completely revamped, with a new menu and interior.

Lastly, there are four brand new dance studios available for use; Mango, Scarlett, Sky and Jade.

The four studios are located opposite essentials, and are equipped with full-length mirrors and spotlights – perfect for society sessions and rehearsals.

For any enquires or help getting around our building just head to the Help and Support area in the Foyer.