Union and University Draw the Line on Hate Crime and Harassment on Campus

Union and University Draw the Line on Hate Crime and Harassment on Campus

Student Support

Draw the Line, a brand new initiative to challenge harassment and hate crimes on campus, launched this week in partnership with Leeds University Union and the University of Leeds.

The Draw the Line project is headed up by student ambassadors and aims to challenge behaviours and decide as a campus what is acceptable as a community.

The Ambassadors will provide peer to peer drop-in support for students affected by harassment on campus, offer bystander intervention training to students and societies and work to develop an online reporting system where staff and students can report hate crime, sexual assault or online harassment.

Chloë Sparks, Welfare Officer said: “We believe that the online reporting system, combined with the support and networking of our Ambassadors, will paint a picture of what hate crime actually looks like on campus. We know it’s a real problem across all universities, but it’s not sufficiently documented because people don’t know how to report it, or feel their experiences aren’t worthy of support.

“It’s time for everyone on campus to take a stand and challenge hate incidents and sexual harassment. The Draw the Line campaign will provide students and staff with the confidence and training they need so they know how to support the campus community.”

The ambassadors will hold drop-in sessions every Tuesday and Thursday from 11am - 2pm in the Foyer, and welcome anyone who has experienced a hate crime or sexual harassment to come along for some informal, confidential support.

Students can also access the new online reporting system online here.