Time To Get Recognised

Time To Get Recognised

Learning and Development

If you volunteer at LUU we want you to feel supported, part of a community and feel that your experience is valuable and prepares you for your future - that’s where the Recognise Award comes in. This year, there’s an official launch event on the 5 December from 12pm to 6:30pm in the Rep Room at LUU which will give you the chance to ask the Recognise team any questions you might have.

Instead of individual awards at the end of the academic year, the Recognise Award is a scheme that student volunteers sign up to and work towards with a specific end goal.

Lauren Huxley, Activities Officer at Leeds University Union, said: “As a volunteer you play a vital role in the LUU family. Whether you're a Committee Member, Activities Rep, LibCo or School Rep, we couldn't do it without you! This award is to recognise the brilliant work you do and to help you recognise all the brilliant skills you're gaining in these roles so you can use them in your life after University.”

When you’re gaining skills as an LUU volunteer throughout the year it can be tricky to remember them all later on. The Recognise Award is there so volunteers can realise and record all the skills they’ve gained and achievements they’ve made throughout the year.

By recognising all the great things you’ve done this should make it easier to tell future employers about them.  It’s important that you can talk about your experience clearly and that you can show your full potential.