Tash Launches BME Leadership Conference

Tash Launches BME Leadership Conference

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Your Equality and Diversity Officer Natasha Mutch-Vidal is launching the first ever Black and Minority Ethnic leadership conference hosted by Leeds University Union. The conference which is called Inspire, Learn, Lead will be held on Wednesday 31 January and is free to attend to anyone who identifies as BME.


With 16% of home/EU students at the University being BME, Natasha is leading this conference which will discuss BME underrepresentation in academia as well as managerial and entrepreneurial  positions and through workshops and talks by BME industry leaders, it will leave students who attend empowered.


Equality and Diversity Officer Natasha Mutch-Vidal said:

“I’m hoping the all-day conference will bring students together in solidarity and celebrate every individuals’ successes whilst inspiring future leaders in every attendee. The University needs to realise that it must commit to improving the retention and supporting the academic growth, of students of colour. This conference is a microcosm of the various ways that the University can achieve this so I am delighted that the conference was put together in partnership with them.”


With statistics from the University of Leeds revealing that 0.6% of students currently attending are Black British Caribbean and just 0.5% of students are Asian British Bangladeshi, Natasha hopes that an empowering conference is going to help BME students come together to have real discussion over the barriers they have faced in academia.


The self-identifying BME attendees will follow an informative, set-out itinerary, including a provided lunch. The itinerary gives an option for participants to choose between a range of workshops that are available. More information on the itinerary can be found here.


The morning intends to begin with a keynote address from a local business entrepreneur, before moving onto workshops. The workshops include topics such as overcoming institutional barriers, networking and communicating effectively, becoming a student leader and building something from nothing: being an entrepreneur. These features, as well as others, will take place either side of lunch, meaning that attendees have the opportunity to select multiple issues that interest them. The conference will then continue on to talks from successful leaders and there will be an opportunity to network with them at the end.


Some of the people invited to speak include Liv Little , founder of gal-dem the online magazine for women of colour and Phyllis Opoku-Gyimah, founder of U.K. Black Pride.


The event will be taking place at Function from 10am to 5pm with a maximum capacity of 100 students and staff. To avoid missing out, reserve your space as soon as possible here.