Tampon Takeover Sees Students Donate Big to Tackle Period Poverty

Tampon Takeover Sees Students Donate Big to Tackle Period Poverty


Leeds University Union has managed to donate almost 8,000 sanitary items to Leeds based female health charities dedicated to tackling the issue of period poverty.

The Union’s very own Community Outreach Team were the instigators behind the drive, which saw both students and staff donate what they could in the Union over a three day ‘tampon takeover’, which encouraged people to either donate sanitary products or cash.

In total 2,360 sanitary products were donated and almost £200 was raised enabling the outreach team to buy over 5,000 more products. The products will be donated to freedom4girls and Women’s Health Matters who will be donating the supplies to people who suffer from period poverty, a situation where people have to choose between buying sanitary products or other much needed items such as food.

Community Officer George Bissett said:

“I am amazed by the compassion and consideration of The Leeds Community Project and the impact they have made with this campaign. They have both identified that the issue of period poverty is as important as ever and mobilised Leeds students to take proactive steps towards solving it. For enabling students to give back to their local community in a way that truly matters, I am immensely proud of them.”

The Community Outreach Team is made up of a group of students who work to blend students into the wider Leeds community to make a difference on issues that matter to Leeds and build stronger relationships.