Summer Referendum Results

Summer Referendum Results

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The results are in for the summer referendum and we can now reveal what went down.

We're pleased to announce both ideas passed quorum and so the results will be actioned, with a whopping 3,214 votes participating on both policies in total. 

For the idea 'should all society AGMs be a sober event in alcohol free venue?' there were a total of 1,652 votes, with the majority voting against. This idea has failed so it will not become Union policy.

Here's a breakdown of the result:

  • For: 564
  • Against: 1,035
  • Abstained: 53

For the idea 'should the University introduce content notes for lectures and readings?' there were 1,562 votes in total with the majority voting for the idea. This will become Union policy for the next three years and we will lobby the University to introduce this. 

Here's a breakdown of the result:

  • For: 1,008
  • Against:486
  • Abstained: 68

This idea was proposed by student Monisha Jackson. 

Jack Palmer, Union Affairs Officer said: 

"I'd like to thank everyone who took part and gave their opinions on these ideas. It's excellent to see both ideas passed quorum and that students are engaging with the democracy of the Union."

If you have any ideas about the Union, the University or the city of Leeds that you'd like us to turn into a reality, you can submit your idea here.