Exec urge VC to say TEF Off

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Student Exec Urge VC to Say TEF Off to Government HE Changes

Higher Education

Your Student Exec and School Reps are urging the University to continue to fight and resist the introduction of some of the most harmful aspects of the Higher Education and Research Bill by marching to University Senate next Wednesday 22 March.


The Exec and Reps are gathering signatures from the students of Leeds to petition the top people at the University to influence the Government to reconsider the Higher Education Reforms.


Melissa Owusu Education Officer at Leeds University Union said:

“The government are pursuing a road towards marketizing our Higher Education system, and we need to do everything that we can to influence and halt this change. A marketised system means less academic freedom, less social mobility and higher fees for whatever is seen as the best “quality” education. It is imperative that we act, and strategically demonstrate our collective resistance to create long lasting change within our institution and the Higher Education system more broadly.”


The Exec and Reps will present a letter to the Vice Chancellor at the Senate, the meeting where all the University decisions are made by the highest members of the University.


The Exec have been lobbying against the government’s proposal to link fee increases with a new gold-silver-bronze ranking system, known as the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) throughout their term in office.


Previous actions the Student Exec have carried out against the Bill have included raising awareness on campus and gathering Leeds students to joining a National Demonstration in London, lobbying at the House of Lords and signing a joint statement with the Vice Chancellor in solidarity against a number of the most harmful policies to come out of the Higher Education and Research Bill.

The Exec will continue to fight against the Bill.  If you would like to support them and future students, please sign the petition here.