Spend your £s wisely

Spend your £s wisely

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Providing good value for our members is a top priority at LUU so we wanted to make sure that our cafés including Common Ground and Balcony are offering competitive prices compared to other popular outlets in the city.

It turns out that you could save up to £1 per coffee you buy and could pay a whole £2 less for a croissant if you shop at LUU. Altogether, we compared sixteen items from café menus across Leeds and our prices beat Starbucks, Nero and Costa on every single one.

You’d also save £1 or more buying a panini or up to 80p for each cup of tea you purchase. All that cash quickly adds up in your bank.

Chris Morris, Union Affairs Officer at Leeds University Union said: “It's great to know that LUU are constantly checking prices to make sure we are giving members the best value possible. We know that money is on everyone's mind and I'm glad to know we are doing everything we can to make the change in your pocket go further!”

Buying your teas and toasties at LUU not only saves you a few quid each week, it also means your money goes into a not-for-profit and democratic organisation. Everything we do has our member’s voice at the heart of it and this is why we wanted to make sure our outlets were great value.

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