Saving you time at Salad Box

Saving you time at Salad Box

Leeds University Union

We listened when you told us that the queues at Salad Box were getting a bit out of hand.

Following feedback from the student advisory board, Salad Box in the Leeds University Union building have decided to shake things up and will now be serving a selection of freshly made salads. This aims to combat the waiting time associated with their previous ‘build your own’ way of serving.

Little changes have also been made to get you through the queue quicker, including allowing customers to shake their own salad instead of having a member of staff stir it for them.

Chris Morris, Union Affairs Officer for LUU said: “It’s great news that Salad Box have listened to our members and decided that they’ll make their serving process quicker. I’m sure that this will make it easier for a lot of people who want to grab their lunch quickly or eat on the go. If there’s anything else you notice which we could be doing better then let us know – pretty much every decision we make has our member’s voice at the heart of it. Hopefully, this change will make a positive difference to your day!”

Salad Box will also be changing their meal deal so that students can avoid having to purchase a drink in a plastic bottle as part of the offer - a win for you and the environment. The changes will take place in Welcome Week from 3 September onwards.  

To find out more about the student advisory board and how you can have your say take a look here, or check out the new menu here.