Representing for International Women's Day

Representing for International Women's Day

Your Union

On International Women’s Day (this Friday 09 March) your Union is all ready to mark the occasion.


If you identify as female, you can get 22.5% off your tea or coffee in Balcony cafe. This is all thanks to the Women in Leadership Society who came up with the idea and worked with the Union to get in sorted.  


Why 22.5%? Because that’s the global gender pay gap.


You can also pay homage to an inspiring women in your life by heading to the Foyer and dedicating a purple star to them.


Tamsin Scott your Equality and Diversity Officer said:

It is so important that we continue to support and celebrate women. Every single woman I know is breathtaking, and I wouldn't be the woman I am today without any of them. We're at a time in the world when people are trying to tear each other down, and gate-keep what being a woman is. There's no space in the Union for people telling others what they do and don't identify as, or telling them that their identity is false. I hope that by bringing awareness to the Gender Pay Gap, inspirational women, and the other brilliant events we have planned across LUU, we can bring attention to all the wonderful, beautiful things that women do.


We’ll see you Friday to mark International Women’s Day.