Referenda Results

Referenda Results

Results are in for the campus-wide referenda on the following ideas that did not pass at our Better Union Forum. We wanted to know if LUU should support a People’s Vote on Brexit and whether LUU should provide the same support for radio and television as it does for print media.

There were over 2,000 votes cast last week and the results were:


People’s Vote

Total: 1,121

For: 889

Against: 182

Abstentions: 50

Student Media

Total: 963

For: 723

Against: 123

Abstentions: 114


Neither referenda gained the 1,500 votes needed to become LUU Policy.

Both opposing People’s Vote campaign leaders had the following to say about the results:


Megan Killerby, who led the No campaign for the People’s Vote at LUU said:

“The failure of the People's Vote motion to pass shows that students are not interested in a union that uses our resources to pursue a narrow and divisive political agenda.

The Union Execs should learn from this result, and in future focus on issues that actually make a real difference and that all students can unite around.”


Chris Morris, leader of the Yes campaign for the People’s Vote at LUU said:

"Throughout both the Better Union forum and the referendum, it is clear a majority of students who took part have shown support for LUU to support a People’s Vote.

We often struggle to reach quorum for any Winter Referenda we hold due to the busy nature of the end of Semester 1. The turnout for this idea is one of the highest in recent times showing how much Leeds students care about Brexit and their futures. It is important we recognise that a lot of students wanted this to pass, with nearly 80% voting Yes to support a People’s Vote.

As your Exec, we will always focus on issues both locally and nationally which we believe are in the best interests of our members, whatever they may be, including supporting a People’s Vote."


If you’d like to find out more about the Ideas and Policy process at LUU, or to submit your own Idea or see what is already LUU Policy, have a look here.