Permanent period products collection point in LUU

Permanent period products collection point in LUU

LUU's Community Outreach workers regularly operate tampon and sanitary product donation points throughout the year, supporting policy to set up a donation point for sanitary products to then be donated to food banks in Leeds. 

We’re now pleased to announce that there is a permanent donation point located opposite Co-op inside your Union building. All students and staff can now easily donate period products to support those who struggle to afford safe menstrual protection.

Amy Wells, Welfare Officer 2019/2020 said ‘‘I’m really proud to have got us moving along with this policy by installing a donation point in LUU so that students can more easily do their bit to help out people facing period poverty in Leeds. If you’re able to, drop some sanitary products in the box and we’ll give them to local organisations – don’t forget you can also get free tampons and pads for yourself in our toilets at LUU.’’

You can easily find out more about this policy and other policy at LUU on our policy pages of the website.

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 Welfare Officer, Amy, next to the period product collection point