Partnering to transform student mental health

Partnering to transform student mental health

Leeds University Union has partnered with student mental health charity Student Minds to support you.


Our new collaboration is sector-leading and will build on the work we are currently doing with the University to influence local NHS provision, co-produce wellbeing interventions and grow the capacity for peer support and work with the Uni to enhance the whole-university approach to mental health.


With 71% of you letting us know that our mental health and wellbeing support was important and many of you saying you were concerned about access to health services our 2018-2022 strategic plan aims to tackle this so you are feeling happy, feeling good and having fun. One of the ways we are doing this is through of partnership with Student Minds and our strategic mission: empowering positive health and wellbeing.  


Together we hope to transform the mental health landscape for students. Collaborating to find new interventions and approaches, learning from one another, giving students a greater voice. Universities are here to help society overcome its biggest challenges and empower students to do the same. Now is the time to seek to make real change together.


Matt Port your Welfare Officer said:

“We are expanding and developing our approach to wellbeing so that ‘looking after yourself’ becomes second nature. Empowering students to really feel in control of their mental health, through the good and the bad, and reducing the need for support services in the future is at the forefront of our plan. This not only opens up resources for those students who need one-to-one support, but normalises focusing on positive mental health, not just mental ill-health. The partnership with Student Minds enables us to try new things, learn from their expertise, and advocate for our members on a national stage.”


Student Minds are the voice of student mental health and the source of expertise for a sector seeking to respond to an exponential rise in demand for mental health support.


“We believe that working together, enhanced by the University of Leeds’ existing commitment to student mental health, we can mark a step change in the way wellbeing and mental health in universities are co-produced and shaped.”


We’ll keep you updated on the groundbreaking work we get up to. In the meantime, if you’d like any support, LUU Advice are here for you along with plenty of free wellbeing activities to give you a break from the books and help you feel good.