NUS National Conference delegates announced

NUS National Conference delegates announced

Ten students have been elected to represent Leeds University Union at the NUS National Conference in 2020.

After nominating themselves for the role and then facing a campus-wide election, these students will now represent students in Leeds at a national level:

  • Adam Abdalla
  • Safyan Rahman
  • Faique Bhatti
  • Suhaib Arogundade
  • David Legmann
  • Fatimah Haris
  • Namrah Shahid
  • Amy Bentham
  • Emma Jacobs
  • Mitali Agrawal

The NUS National Conference takes place from 31 March - 2 April 2020 - it brings together nearly a thousand students and officers from across the country to discuss, debate and vote on policy and campaigns. The political leadership of NUS, including the National President, is also elected by delegates at National Conference. 

This year the NUS is moving to a new democratic model and delegates will play an important role in implementing the reforms to the NUS that were voted on at last year’s conference.

Lauren Huxley, Union Affairs Officer at Leeds University Union, said: “Well done to everyone who has been elected to represent students in Leeds. This is an incredible opportunity to help shape the future of the NUS and to make sure student voices in Leeds are heard loud and clear on a national level.”

Which student issues would you like to see raised at the NUS conference this year? Let us know here so that your NUS delegates can raise your concerns at a national level.