NUS Elections; The Votes Are in

NUS Elections; The Votes Are in

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Every year the NUS (National Union of Students) holds national conferences to decide what their policy should be, and who should be their officers; these student delegates from across the country are given the chance to shape how the NUS looks over the coming years.

In all, there are six conferences which LUU sends delegates to. The National Conference - which is open to any student and will be held in Glasgow next year - as well as the Liberation Conferences for LGBT+, Trans, Women, Disabled and Black members.

NUS delegates work hard to promote, defend and extend students’ rights, as well as having the chance to debate important current issues, and vote on what will become official NUS policy in the future.

You might have noticed that over the last week we’ve held our own elections so that you can decide who goes where, and the results are in. Here’s a full list of who will be representing you at the national conferences next year - thanks for voting:


7-8 March 2018 LGBT+ Conf;

  •         Luke Hurst [Open Delegate]
  •         Emma Jacobs [Self-Defined Women]
  •         Gellar Day [Self-Defined Trans]

27 - 29 March 2018 National Conference, in Glasgow;

  •         Dana Winter [Open Delegate]
  •         Zaki Kaf Al-Ghazal [Open Delegate]
  •         Saad Dalal [Open Delegate]
  •         Ahmed Kouta [Open Delegate]
  •         Mo Makin [Open Delegate]
  •         Anouk Sarfati [Women’s Place]
  •         Umamah Yusufi [Women’s Place]
  •         Maryam Ali [Women’s Place]
  •         Emma Jacobs [Women’s Place]

11-12 April 2018 Womens Conf;

  •         Lauren Kelles [Open Delegate]
  •         Elinor James [Open Delegate]
  •         Martha Adebambo [Self-Defined BME]

30 April - 1 May 2018 Trans Conf;

  •         Gellar Day [Non-Binary]

2-3 May 2018 Disabled Students Conf;

  •         Alice Drysdale [Open Delegate]

12-13 May 2018 Black Students Summer Conf;

  • Martha Adebambo [Open Delegate]