Melz Reacts to Fast Track Degrees

Melz Reacts to Fast Track Degrees

Higher Education

The Government have recently unveiled plans to allow universities in England to offer two year fast-track degrees. Universities will be able to charge over £14,000 a year for this service.

Your Education Officer Melz believes fast-track degrees could be dangerous, and here's why:

"This government is doing anything it can to remove the £9K fee cap on degrees and create an education marketplace, this sets a dangerous precedent. At a time when students’ poor mental health and wellbeing is an ever surfacing problem on University campuses, I think more universities offering students the option to complete their already intense and demanding degrees in two years instead of three is misguided and will damage the student experience. University is about so much more than a degree, by intensifying and condensing course content students will have less time to explore and develop outside the lecture theatre.

"This proposal may be especially dangerous for students from lower income backgrounds. The government has removed student grants, so a shorter degree may seem more appealing to students worried about the cost of living but I believe the model will be at the detriment of their health, wellbeing and experience."