Meet the New Team - Your Student Exec 2018/19

Meet the New Team - Your Student Exec 2018/19


Yesterday 7,600 students decided who they wanted to lead their Union by voting in the Leadership Race 2018.

Now, the results are in; this is your incoming Student Exec 2018/19.

Equality & Diversity Officer 2018/19 - Tamsin Scott

Tamsin Scott in the candidate photoshoot

Tamsin pledged to:

  • Increase links with sexual health clinics
  • Raise awareness of LGBTQ+ issues
  • Raise discussions of sex and gender with the University

Activities Officer 2018/19 - Lauren Huxley

Lauren Huxley in the candidate photoshoot

Lauren pledged to:

  • Make sure students know their reps
  • Create platforms for societies to work with the community
  • Reward voluntary Union staff

Welfare Officer 2018/19 - Matt Port

Matt Port in the candidate photoshoot

Matt pledged to:

  • Encourage safer student drug use
  • Improve mental health support
  • Tackle stigma around periods

Community Officer 2018/19 - Tom Oladipo

Tom Oladipo in the candidate photoshoot

Tom pledged to:

  • Simplify plastic recycling
  • More practical cooking classes and workshops
  • Introduce a food, accessories and clothes exchange program

Education Officer 2018/19 - Serene Esuruoso

Serene Esuroso in the candidate photoshoot

Serene pledged to:

  • Improve timetabling and module choices
  • Improve exam resources to include minimum past papers
  • Integrate joint honours students into both their schools

Gryphon Editor 2018/19 - Robbie Cairns

Robbie pledged to:

  • Engage more with societies
  • Give the paper a design facelift
  • Provide more investigative journalism


Union Affairs Officer

Due to an ongoing appeal the Union Affairs Officer election result has not been announced, this decision was made by the Returning Officer.

A student panel will now be formed, in accordance with LUU’s Bye-Laws to reach a verdict. We expect this to take place in the next five working days. The result of the election will be declared once the appeal process has been concluded. All the Union Affairs candidates were informed of this process prior to the start of the Election Result’s announcement


A huge congratulations to the incoming team and a massive well done to each and every candidate who ran this year’s race.

Thanks to the thousands of students who voted this year, it means your Exec are representative and accountable to you.

Shout out and thanks to LSR for putting on such a fantastic results show tonight in the Riley Smith Theatre. Head over to LSR online where you can listen to all the winners' reactions.

Thank you once again to everyone who ran, voted and supported the candidates’ campaigns.

Keep your eyes on the current Exec for all the things they will deliver over the next four months before the 2018/19 team takeover - there’s still loads of great stuff to come.