LUU still working to support students affected by the UCU strike

LUU still working to support students affected by the UCU strike

University of Leeds


It might be the Easter holidays, but LUU is still committed to supporting students as you try to understand and manage the impact of the strike on your studies.


What is LUU doing to help me?

Over the past two weeks LUU’s Student Exec and staff have continued to gather information to understand the impacts of the strikes on you, find answers to your questions and give you the support you need.

As part of this we have now asked the University to extend its library opening hours earlier in the coming term. Many university libraries are open 24 hours during exam period, but we’re lobbying the University to offer this service earlier to better support students academically.  

So far we have provided support through our website, assisted school reps in gathering local knowledge, dealt with questions through LUU Advice and asked University leaders to ensure students get clear information from their Schools.

As well as that we’re constantly developing the guidance we offer on our help and support pages so wherever you are you can get quick, accurate answers to your burning questions. Keep checking the pages as the situation evolves to keep yourself up to date.


What’s happening with the strikes?

There is a new pensions deal on the table for UCU members to consider, which is reported by the University here. Each UCU member will now be consulted on whether they would like to accept the deal. This ballot opened yesterday on Wednesday 4 April and will close at 2pm on Friday 13 April. If this deal is accepted, the strike action will be halted.

However, last week UCU informed 12 Universities, including the University of Leeds that they intend to hold a further 5 days of strike action from 16th-20th April. If UCU members accept the new pensions deal, this action will not take place. However, given the proximity of the ballot deadline (13th April) to the start of the strike (16th April) it is difficult for everyone to prepare for the impact on studies.


What are the next steps?

We’re committed to keeping you up to date on the current situation with the Universities and College Union (UCU) strike action.

The Exec are meeting the Vice-Chancellor on 16 April to gain a clearer understanding of what the University is doing to ensure students’ studies are not further affected by the ongoing impact of March’s strike action. They’ll also get an update on whether there will be more strike action and if so, what the University is putting in place to support students’ teaching, revision and exams.


Where should I turn for support?

If you have questions specific to your course, including teaching content and individual assessments, get in touch with your programme leader or Head of School in the first instance.

But if you’re not sure who to ask or you’ve got concerns we haven’t covered, just drop in and have a chat with the Help and Support team in LUU or email us at