LUU Brings You Free Sanitary Products and Contraception

LUU Brings You Free Sanitary Products and Contraception

Student Exec

Great news - your Union is now stocking free sanitary products and contraception all thanks to your Welfare and Equality and Diversity Officers Matt and Tamsin.


Previously in baskets in the Union toilets, free sanitary products are now available in all gender neutral and female toilets in the Union with plans to include a machine in the male toilets in the Foyer.


Matt Port your Welfare Officer said:


"I'm so proud that free-vend machines for sanitary products have been installed! It should hopefully provide a more reliable and consistent mode of delivering in-the-moment support for students who menstruate."


"This is one of the main things I have campaigned for since starting my position at the Union, and I'm thrilled that so many people could work together to make it happen."


Free condoms and lube are now available outside the Exec office upstairs in the Union, with plans to include a wider range of contraception soon.


Tamsin Scott your Equality and Diversity Officer said:

“It’s so exciting to see both free sanitary products and contraception in the Union! The demand for both has been fantastic, and it seems as though a conversation has been opened up around both menstruation and sexual health.


I think it’s time that we start having open, honest discussions around sex and sexual health. From the 04-10 March, we’re hosting The Sex Sessions at LUU, a week to talk frankly and openly about sex, relationships and everything in between.


I hope that free contraception will help people think about the sex they’re having, and make sure it’s enjoyable and safe for everyone involved.”


What would you change in the Union?

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We’re currently looking for next year’s Student Executive. If you’d like to find out more or nominate yourself you have until Friday 08 February at 5pm to get involved.  


You never know, next year, we could be announcing the cracking changes you’ve been making to improve students’ lives.