Leeds Looking for University Challenge Hopefuls

Leeds Looking for University Challenge Hopefuls

University of Leeds

Leeds University Union is looking for a brand new group of hopefuls who think they've got what it takes to face Paxman and take on the University Challenge.

The University of Leeds hasn't made it through to the televised section of the competition since 2012, but organisers from Leeds University Union are hoping to reverse those fortunes by recruiting a team for next year's competition.

We've put together some sampler questions so students can decide whether they've got what it takes:


  1. In astronomy, which word follows 'Horsehead', 'Cygnus Loop', 'Gum', 'Lagoon', and 'North American'?

  2. A bottle-rack, a bicycle wheel, and a metal urinal, the latter given the title 'Fountain' and signed 'R. Mutt', are among the objet trouvé, or ready-mades, exhibited by which French-born Dadaist?

  3. Exploited in the manufacture of magneto-optical disks, what name is given to the critical temperature above which a magnetic material loses its magnetism?


Only just getting warmed up? Take our full quiz to see if you've got the knowledge, and you could be joining next year's team.


All entries should be submitted by midnight on Tuesday 26 November. Successful team members will then have to complete the production company's application form by 6 December.