Latest LUU Sustainability Survey Results Released

Latest LUU Sustainability Survey Results Released

The latest of LUU’s sustainability survey results are in. This is what students told us about their views on sustainability and their perceptions around LUU’s efforts to become greener. 

Students made clear that they are concerned about environmental issues (91.09%) and that they believe these have a direct effect on their life (85.86%).  A lot of students (81.72%) also stated they are willing to participate in sustainability activities on campus. 

Even though the majority of the respondents said they are aware of LUU’s efforts to reduce waste (82.42%) and make our food and dining services greener (51.65%), students also let us know that they don’t know much about our efforts to make transport (30.77%), energy (27.47%), purchasing (24.18%) and building (9.89%) more sustainable. We also noted that students want us to further communicate our sustainability projects (45.05%) and work harder on raising awareness of sustainable living (52.75%). 

In LUU we are constantly thinking about how to reduce our environmental impact. These are some of the initiatives that are currently on: 

Waste. Even though we produced 149.8 tonnes of waste in 2019, 98.4% of this was redirected from landfill and used to create energy. We’re always working on better waste segmentation through reviewing our bin labelling so sort waste for better recycling.

Plastic. We’ve joined the University’s Plastic Free by 2023 pledge and work is ongoing to replace single use plastics across all operations. Compostable vegware alternatives to plastic are used where possible. 7.3 tonnes of plastic waste was produced by the Union in 2019.

Electricity. We are continually updating our electrical equipment with more energy-efficient kit. We also have smart solutions such as automatic lighting so that unoccupied spaces aren’t unnecessarily lit. 1,765,185 kWh were used in 2018-19. 

Water. In 2018-19 LUU used 17,507 m3. LUU currently uses a water control system which intelligently manages water use in our toilets.

Steam. Our building management system allows us to intelligently allocate heating to our spaces according to need. In 2018-19 LUU used 1,267,759 kWh.