It’s Time to Express Yourself

It’s Time to Express Yourself


Our biggest student survey ever is back and we’re asking every single one of our 34,000 student members to fill it out so we can shape the Union to their liking.

The survey takes place every four years, and through the results of the 2013 Express Yourself Survey the Union has managed to bring about some big changes to make student life easier for everyone.  

The biggest being the £16.8 million Union Upgrade, which was a result of 69% of students saying we should focus on providing better facilities in the Union. This resulted in a brand new theatre space, studios and a huge improvement to accessibility throughout the building.

Another challenge facing students was stress, with 67% saying they regularly felt stressed, and 35% saying they were concerned about depression but only 6% using our advice services. From this we improved the availability and accessibility of our advice service. Moving LUU Advice to the foyer, introducing activities and events like the ‘Light Cafe’ and ‘Don’t Let Trouble Brew’.

Through expressing yourself, you can help us to tackle the ups and downs of student life and really change things around here.

Jack Palmer, Union Affairs Officer said:

”'From our student-led democracy to our cafes, bars and outlets. From employability to sustainability. This is the time for you to shape the direction your Students' Union takes over the next four years. Our strategic plan will guide how we campaign, where we spend our money and what we prioritise for students who haven't even arrived yet, so make sure your voice gets heard.”

The survey will be live from Monday 6 until Friday 18 November at 5pm and can be filled in here in around five minutes. Not only will you have the opportunity to get it all off your chest in our five questions, you can also have a chance to win one of 10 £10 Amazon vouchers or grab yourself a free personalised hot chocolate by keeping an eye out for the Exec on tour.

On Friday 10 November you could even gunge an Exec member of your choice if we reach enough votes; visit our Facebook page on Friday 10 November for more information.

So however you have found student life so far, make sure you are one of the 34,000 students expressing themselves over the next two weeks.