International Officer to join Student Exec team for 2020/21

International Officer to join Student Exec team for 2020/21

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We’ve added a brand new International Officer role to the Student Exec team for 2020/2021. 

Our Student Exec team will increase by one for the following academic year after an idea was taken through our forum process by a student and became policy in May 2019.

The International Officer’s role will focus on representing the diverse international community on campus at the University of Leeds and they will lead the way in creating opportunities to share culture and experiences between students.

This full-time paid opportunity is open to any current student at the University of Leeds. To apply, students will have to run for election in LeadLUU - the annual student elections that take place at Leeds University Union. Nominations open on Monday 02 December and close on Friday 14 February. 

Students can also run for the other six Exec Officer positions: Welfare Officer, Education Officer, Equality and Diversity Officer, Activities Officer, Community Officer or Union Affairs Officer. 

Lauren Huxley, Union Affairs Officer at Leeds University Union 2019/2020, said “With so much on the political landscape it’s a really important time for our international students at Leeds to feel represented. I’m really excited to see the work that’s done by the successful International Officer candidate next year. I’d urge any student who is passionate about promoting and celebrating our wonderful global community on campus to run for this new position and make a real difference through their work next year.”