Get home safe for just £1

Get home safe for just £1

LUU Nightbus

You can take the LUU Nightbus from the union to your door for only £1.  The service runs during term-time from 6:30pm every evening so whether you’ve been studying late in the library or you’re on a wild night out you can always get home safe.

To catch a ride just go along to the Nightbus banner in the union foyer when you need to leave. You can then sign your name onto the Nightbus list, hop aboard and head home. There are two buses in service so you won’t have to wait too long and the bus is available to all University of Leeds students and staff.

You'll be dropped to your door and the driver will wait to make sure you’re safely inside - all for just a quid.

The Community Officer for LUU said: "It’s really important that we offer our students a safe and affordable way to get home on an evening. If you haven’t taken the LUU Nightbus before then give it a try especially if it’s late or getting dark outside."

The service is a safety bus to ensure that you get home so it will only take you to your address. It’s not a taxi service so won’t take you into town or to another bar/club. The Nightbus will also only return people to homes within the Leeds outer ring road - any further than this and it makes the service less efficient for other students. 

To see a map of what falls within the outer ring road, click here.

Remember that Leeds, like any other major city, does have its share of crime so it’s well worth taking the bus rather than risking a walk at night-time - especially if you are alone.

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