Fire Safety in Student Accommodation/Housing

Fire Safety in Student Accommodation & Housing

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Following the fire at a student accommodation building in Bolton this month, which saw two people injured and many students losing all of their possessions, we would like to provide some information for University of Leeds students.

Firstly, if you would like to support the students affected by the fire, please consider donating to the fundraiser started by Bolton's Student Union President. Donate Here.  

To see the response from the National Union of Students' Vice President Welfare, Eva Crossan-Jory, follow this link, the NUS are "calling on all political parties to commit to urgent action on purpose-built student accommodation. This should start with a wide-ranging review that puts student tenants and representatives at its heart."


Unipol properties

Fire safety, and all aspects of health and safety is the top priority at Unipol and we want to reassure our tenants that their safety is an absolute priority. The details of fire safety arrangements are different for different types of property but how the systems work and what you should do in the event of a fire are displayed either in your room or by the fire panel in your house or flat.


Unipol has a robust fire risk assessment regime and we make sure that our buildings, policies and procedures comply with existing regulations and have the necessary systems installed and staff are trained to undertake proactive and reactive fire safety management, which includes building inspections and routine fire alarm testing.


Unipol has two building that are high rise: Mill Street (10 floors) and Grayson Heights (12 floors). Neither building has any Aluminium Composite Material (known as ACM cladding such as was fitted at Grenfell Towers) or High Pressure Laminates (known as HPL thought to be fitted at The Cube Bolton). The Government updated its advice on high rise building cladding systems on 18th July 2019 and Unipol is fully compliant with that advice.


Both have full fire risk assessments and a pro-active fire safety regime with weekly testing. They have the highest rated zoned smoke and heat detection systems with central monitoring in all rooms, in the lobbies and and in the stairwells. Both developments have firefighting lifts and outlets for water on each landing.


If you have any queries or concerns, get in touch with


University of Leeds residences

Following the Grenfell tragedy, the University completed precautionary assessments of cladding materials across its entire estate and completed work on Sentinel Towers student accommodation as a result of this. For their full Fire Safety information, please take a look here and if you have any queries contact


Private housing

Cladding safety is getting a lot of media attention following the Bolton fire, and we hope that all private accommodation providers in Leeds are taking notice of this and carrying out the appropriate fire safety procedures. If you have any concerns about the safety of your private accommodation or housing, please get in touch with Leeds University Union Advice. You can email them at or pop to the Student Advice Team on the ground floor of LUU.