Final Year Ball 2020 Cancelled

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Final Year Ball 2020 Cancelled


As many of you may have suspected, we’re sad to have to confirm that this year’s Leeds Ball has been cancelled due to Covid-19.

Planning for the Ball - which was due to take place on 6 June – began back in January, however it's become clear that an event of this scale is now unviable, both in terms of the wellbeing of our members and the practicalities of organising such an event at a time like this.

We know this news comes as a big disappointment to many of our members, and as a particular blow to final year students whose last year at Leeds isn’t ending the way they’d hoped. But it’s not over yet.

We’d hate to let you go without one last celebration of your time with us, and are already looking at putting on another special event to help our final years say goodbye to uni life.

We’re ready to do all we can to make this happen – we just need to know if you’d come along. Please take a minute to express your interest and help shape an event you’ll love in the survey