Block Booking Requests for 2018-19 Are Now Open

Block Booking Requests for 2018-19 Are Now Open

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Committee members can now submit their block bookings for the next academic year for any of their club or society meetings, rehearsals or activity. 

The block bookings request form is open from now until Sunday 25 March. 

To talk you through the booking requests, here are our handy FAQs:

What are block bookings?

Block bookings are regular bookings which take place in the same room, at the same day and time each week.

Why do I need to submit a request?

We collect block booking requests from all societies at this time of year, so that we can consider all requests together and make allocations fairly. If you don't submit a block booking request before the deadline, you’ll miss out on being allocated a room with everyone else. This will mean most spaces are booked up and you’ll be unlikely to find a suitable room. 

What is the deadline?

Sunday 25 March

How do I submit a block booking?

Follow the link at the bottom of this page to the block booking request form. 

Please complete a block booking request for every separate activity. For example, if you meet once a week, just submit one form but if you meet 4 times a week you'll need to submit 4 forms. 

If you meet once a week but need several rooms for that one activity, you can just submit one form. 

How are the rooms allocated?

Any unique requests (so just one group wants that room at that time) will be allocated as requested. 

Where more than one group has requested the same space at the same time, we have to decide who gets the space. This decision is made by the Help & Support team, Activities team, Activities Officer and Activities Reps in a meeting over the Easter break. 

What can I do to make sure I get the booking I want?

Most importantly, submit your requests before the deadline!

When deciding between competing requests, we look at which activity is most suitable for which room. The more information you can give us about your activities the better as we'll be more informed. We may contact you for more details if necessary so if you receive a call from a number beginning 0113 3801 - that'll be us!

When submitting your request, you should also think about what is most important to you:

Having the exact date and time you want or having the exact room you want.

These two factors work against each other when we're allocating bookings, so you must have flexibility on one or another. This is particularly important for studios and rehearsal spaces as we have such limited spaces available. 

  1. If you want the exact date or time, you should give plenty of options of suitable rooms.
  2. If you want the exact room, you should give plenty of options for available dates and times. 

When will I receive my allocation?

Bookings in LUU or 4 Lifton Place will be confirmed automatically via the LUU Room Booking System. If you are unsure of the email address or login details attached to your account please contact You should receive confirmation by April 30th. 

Bookings in all other University owned buildings cannot be confirmed until September and may not be sent until after freshers week. We will inform you via email of which space we have requested by 30th April. These requests cannot be guaranteed, but will give you an indication of your likely room. Please do not advertise the room allocation until you receive your confirmation email.  

What if I don't get my confirmation email before freshers?

We recommend in any freshers communications, you advertise the date and time along with a central meeting point (e.g. Parkinson Steps, LUU Foyer etc) instead of a room.

Ok, time to submit your request!