A woman with a microphone addresses an audience

History Months: How and why we support them at LUU

October is Black History Month here in the UK, one of a number of national and international ‘History Months’ and commemorative days that we observe and celebrate each year at LUU, alongside Disability History Month, LGBTQ+ History Month, International Women’s Day and The Transgender Day of Remembrance.

These months play an important role in recognising and celebrating the contributions, history and culture of marginalised groups in our society, and often open up important conversations about what needs to be done to counter the challenges that exist in a society still characterised by structural inequality.

Inclusivity is at the core of what we do at LUU, and it’s essential that every single one of our members feels that they are valued, represented and empowered to get their voice heard. We want to encourage visibility, help our students relay their experiences, and deliver events and discussions that will enrich our entire community’s knowledge and understanding of these important issues. History Months provide a great springboard for engaging our members in this work and tapping into campaigns and conversations taking place on a national scale.