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What we’re all about

LUU Music Impact in the Community (LUUMIC) work in and around Leeds to bring together different social groups through music workshops, projects and sessions run by our volunteers. We collaborate with a wide range of organisations such as schools and care homes, as well as working with groups such as adults and children with physical and learning disabilities, refugee, asylum seekers and the LGBTQ+ community. We help such groups spark creativity and encourage social interactions through music, alongside improving their confidence and language and communication skills based on informal practices of music therapy.

Volunteers get the opportunity to develop workshops themselves in collaboration with the committee and fellow members before taking their ideas to the community. We provide basic training in all the instruments we use in our sessions to ensure volunteers are confident to lead sessions. 


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Definitely not! We encourage volunteers of all musical abilities to get involved. The workshops we run are in no way complicated and we will guide you through the planning and initiation process -- you will never be alone!

The best part about volunteering with LUUMIC is that you can get involved in what you want, when you want. We want everyone to get involved with projects throughout the year, so we mix up the groups to make sure everyone gets the chance to do something they want to be involved with on a first come-first served basis. We'll always accommodate you somehow!

Some projects require consistency, meaning that the same group of people attend every time due to the nature of the group we're working with, but we'll always let you know in advance and check your availability.

Some of our projects require a DBS due to the nature of the groups worked with. However, the vast majority of our projects do not require a DBS check. Our committee members all have DBS checks and accompany our volunteers on projects, hence covering the group attending the project.

Although, having a DBS is a great thing to have and allows you to do a broad range of volunteer work for other associations too -- and it's free done through the university!

Our primary focus is not on providing performance opportunities, as we focus on creating music as a group with the people we work with in the community. However, a couple of projects this year including Band Project provide opportunities to perform for our community groups such as care homes. This is a valuable and enjoyable performance and if you are interested in this, LUUMIC can definitely find a way for you to get involved!

Our four preferred instruments are voice, percussion, boomwhackers and ukuleles. These are the most accessible instruments to play with the social groups we work with and are open to all abilities. We alter the difficulty of activities in sessions according to the group's ability.

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 Gemma Barnshaw: PRESIDENT (2nd Year Music & Music Psychology)

Kathleen O'Boyle: SECRETARY (2nd Year Music & Music Psychology)


 Rory Heron: TREASURER (3rd Year Music)            


 Lydia Hutton: MARKETING & PUBLICITY (2nd Year Music & Music Psychology)


 Emma Hodson: EVENTS COORDINATOR (2nd Year Zoology)


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