Museum and Art Gallery Society

What we’re all about

This society is open to anyone that has an interest in art, museums, and culture along with those studying degrees within these areas. We visit museums and galleries across Yorkshire and beyond, and provide members with career opportunities from networking events and guest lectures.



Our aim is to coordinate and lead affordable and sociable trips to a wide variety of attractions, and to offer our members a relaxing space to meet like-minded people and chat about all aspects of art and culture.

Leeds and Yorkshire is a fantastic area with a huge range of galleries, museums, and stately homes nearby. Exploring these is a great way to get to know your city, especially if you are new to the area. As the Society develops and grows, we also aspire to run trips further afield, for instance to Manchester, Newcastle, and London, and potentially even abroad, to places of great cultural importance such as Rome or Berlin.

See our social media pages for updates on all our upcoming events, or sign up for our mailing list! 


What else can we offer?

We hope to promote the local arts scene and boost interest in visiting nearby exhibitions and smaller events, especially those run by students in Leeds. We aim to be a resource to artists, offering promotion and a place to share ideas. We also send out weekly newsletters keeping everybody in the loop about great upcoming events.

Finally, if there is anywhere in particular you would like to visit, we are always open to suggestions! So do get in touch, and we'll look to organise a trip.


Our current sponsor:

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