Muay Thai

What we’re all about

Muay Thai is a form of hard martial art originating in South-East Asia. Its incorporation of elbow and knee strikes has lead to it being thought of as 'the art of eight limbs' as the practitioner has the ability to strike with eight points of contact. The sport will give you an ability to use both effective and practical techniques as well as the more flashy highlight-reel moves such as flying knees and spinning elbows.


Our training times for the year 19/20 are:


We book taxis from Parkinson Steps before  depending on demand.


We hold a dynamic variety of socials from weekly hillsprints, Sunday feasts and nights out. We also hold various trips away as a society to other Universities.


Annual membership is priced at £15.

It is then £3.50 per session or £25 for 10 sessions.


Join our facebook group to stay up to date on our training sessions and socials: Leeds Uni Muay Thai

If you would like any more information just drop us an email, or turn up to one of the sessions; it doesn't matter if you miss the first sessions just come along anyway! You get your first session free and get a free session whenever you bring a friend for their first time. 






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