What we’re all about

We aim to provide a safe space for men in our university to discuss topics that may hold them back in society, or things they don't feel comfortable discussing due to traditional social constructs around what men 'shouldn't' say. We see a future of transparent conversations for men and women to discuss their mental health, by encouraging men to open themselves up to vulnerability to ultimately feel fulfilled in their everyday lives.


We have strong links with Mantality Magazine who host retreats and workshops on intrinsic motivation and stress management which we aim to provide for our members. It doesn't take any specialist training to discuss your mental health, but rather an environment that facilitates it.


We will be hosting weekly men's circles and workshops to create such an environment. Whilst the circles are men only, we welcome everyone to attend the talks from our speakers throughout the year, as well as socials we host.


We hope to host socials throughout the semester that do not include alcohol, in order to allow more intimate relationships and conversations with your peers, and to stress that you don't need alcohol or the mask that it provides, to have a good time.


Please contact us regarding membership, as we will be hosting a number of events that may require full membership, and some which necessarily don't. The best way to find out what we can offer is to make contact!

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