Mary Morris

Welcome to Mary Morris.

We aim to provide all Mary Morris students with the best experience possible during your time with us. We will help you all settle in with the help of our sub-wardens and site staff, and then our Hall Exec team will provide you will some incredible events throughout the year.

Halls Events

Halls Exec

Your Halls Exec hasn't been chosen yet.

If you are interested in applying then please click on the link below for more information on how to apply.

Each Hall has a committee of students who all volunteer to put on events and activities with the Halls to connect their fellow students socially and help create a community in your residence. You can apply at the beginning of the year and once chosen, the team will have access to the social fund to help make all the events affordable and enjoyable.

This role is a great way to meet new people, useful for improving your skills and employability and gives you a chance to do something to make everyone have an excellent time. The events and activities you get to organise help shape the experience of the students you live with.

Find out more about the committee and apply to become a member of the Halls Exec.

Get Social

Your time in halls will be packed full of events from trips to the cinema to weekends abroad to annual Christmas parties. Join the Facebook group to find out what's going on. 

Get Mingling

There are plenty of socials and events happening in your Hall.